Cultural policy determines what stories are seen and which voices are heard. UKCCD is our leading forum for creative and cultural organisations in support of UNESCO’s Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, 2005.

A Magna Carta for the creative industries, this unique, international treaty affirms cultural as well as economic value in international law, and promotes global co-operation and exchange for artists and their creative works.

We advise and lobby at national and European level on cultural policy:

  • Tracking revisions in EU legislation for the cultural & audiovisual sectors
  • Monitoring the impact of UK government cuts on cultural organisations
  • Informing on goals for the creative industries in the context of Brexit
  • Supporting the principles of public service broadcasting
  • Advocating to keep arts and film out of  free trade negotiations between USA and Europe
  • Liaising with over 600 cultural organisations through our International (IFCCD) and European (ECCD) Federations

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UKCCD is linked internationally to a network of over 600 creators’ organisations.