Archive – European Documents (ECCD)

Information and published documents of the ECCD:

12-09-16 ECCD Press Release- AVMS Directive

01-09-16 EU Commission on Revision-of-State-Aids

07-09-16 ECCD Submission on AVMS Directive

July-2016-PLATFORM-letter-to-Juncker-and-EU Commissioners

Culture in EU External Relations – Discussion Paper 01042014

EU Report – Culture in Human Rights and Development

Audio Visual – TTIP Press Release – 10.06.2013

Letter to EU Commission Candidates – May 2014

EuropeanProducersClubStatement – Letter to European Parliament April 17 2013, with rationale for excluding audiovisual from EU-USA TAFTA

Letter-PresidentBarrosoApril2013 – ECCD letter on EU-USA Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) to President Barroso

EUDraftMandate for EU US negotiation mandate – This is the draft mandate for the negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement between EU and USA. It will be confirmed in June 2013 and currently includes cultural services albeit in No 8 it refers to the need to respect diversity of cultural expression and provision for the audiovisual sector

ECCDEU-USAFTAConsultationon June 2012 ECCD Commentary on the impact of proposed Free Trade Agreement on Audiovisual & Cultural sector

Audovisual&EU-USAFreeTrade Commentary by French Centre National du Cinema, on key aspects for audiovisual industries and the significance of the Cultural Exception in FTA, 2012

UKCCD Presentation-AgendaforChange – Critique of EU Agenda for Change, delivered to 3rd Congress of IFCCD, Bratislava

EUAgendaforChange2011 – European Union’s Strategy for Development

ECCDConsultationStateAidforCinema June 2012 ECCD response to European Union Consultation

ECCDPressReleaseCreative Europe Programme april 2012 – Submission in response to draft of Creative Europe Programme

Open Letter to Jose Manuel Barroso, EU President, January 2012 (Open Letter Jan 2012)

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