Reports & submissions




  • Supporting the Convention report
  • Partnership with European Womens’ Network, EWA, to produce pan-European report on absence of women directors in Europe “Where are the Women Directors in European Cinema?”


2014: What if there were no BBC? – The Net Impact on UK Viewers

2013: Letter to President Barroso – on concerns on the current version of the draft mandate of the European Commission relative to the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement


  • Sixth ordinary session of the Intergovernmental Committee report
  • UKCCD Quad Review – observations on the UK Quadrennial Report, communicated to the DCMS
  • Submission to UK Government Quadrennial Report On Actions Taken in Support of UNESCO’s Convention, 2005


  • Report for Culture Committee Members on The Convention on The Protection & The Promotion of The Diversity Of Cultural Expressions
  • Young Professionals Forum Report from the event organised by the UKCCD with City University


2008: International dev for the diversity of cultural expression – report from a seminar hosted by the Commonwealth Foundation in partnership with the UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity and London Metropolitan University’s Global Policy Institute