2020 PSB submission to DCMS Select Committee

UKCCD has submitted its response, on May 6 2020, to the DCMS Select Committee consultation on the future of public service broadcasting. A strong Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) is essential for citizen’s interests in the digital environment and all providers of audio-visual works on-line, wherever they are based, should contribute to sustain it.
Any change to the BBC’s financing or institutional structure should be overseen by an independent, politically neutral body. Read the full submission to the DCMS here.

International support for culture in lockdown

The International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity, IFCCD, have produced a unique report monitoring measures taken to sustain artists through the Covid-19 crisis. Read the report here.

The IFCCD is also partnering with UNESCO for a second debate in the Resiliart initiative on reimagining the creative industries in the new reality.

ECCD letter to Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity stated in mid-March 2020 that the “Covid-19 crisis will have a very adverse impact on EU cultural diversity.” The ECCD wrote a letter (see below) to Commissioner Gabriel calling for:

  1. National governments to adopt emergency measures that specifically and adequately support the sustainability of all actors of the cultural ecosystems: from the larger actors to individual creators and creative workers.
  2. Part of the € 37 billion from the “Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative” should be available to the cultural sector with the objective of protecting EU cultural diversity.
  3. As the EU MFF budget negotiations continue, the EU institutions have to assess the importance of the cultural sector and the need stronger and much better endowed funds for Culture.

Full letter to the Commissioner here.

French Film Directors and Producers welcome President Macron’s speech in favour of cultural sovereignty

The Association of French Film Realisateurs/Producteurs (ARP) have warmly welcomed President Macron’s recent commitment to cultural sovereignty. ARP calls for the immediate transposition of the 2018 EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive and the 2019 Copyright directive into French law. This way they say will best reinforce the diversity and independence of French and European creation

Furthermore they call for a far greater protection for the French/European film archive that could be better exploited abroad. Stronger public service broadcasting and the fight against piracy should also be top of the political agenda, ARP says.

Over 80 European cultural and creative industry organisations appeal to EU Commission over Covid-19 crisis

Europe’s cultural and creative sectors have called (6 May 2020) for ambitious EU budgetary measures to get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Nearly 100 organisations have written to the EU Commission reminding them that the Cultural and Creative Sectors, which stand at €509bn in value added to GDP and over 12 million full-time jobs (7.5 % of the EU’s work force), must be considered as priority sectors for more funding, be it from Creative EUROPE, HORIZON 2020 and other EU funding.

See the joint call for ambitious EU budgetary measures for culture in full here.